Sunday, November 23, 2014

Craft Foam Turkey

Hi Everyone!

Almost every month, a group of kids come over to craft with me in my kitchen.  I'm lucky I have a big kitchen/dining room!  Sometimes there are over fifteen of us and sometimes a smaller group but we always have a great time crafting.

Here's what we made this month:
Craft Foam Turkey
Here's what you need to make the turkey:
The brown craft foam is half a regular-sized sheet and the other pieces are a quarter of a sheet.  The chenille stems are one stem cut in half.

Here's the pattern for the back of the turkey:
This is half a sheet of computer paper folded in half.  Draw your pattern on the fold.  Cut it out and unfold it.  Lay it on the brown foam along one edge.  You'll use the extra for the body, head and wings.

If you don't want to draw a pattern, use a bowl or lid to draw a half-circle on your foam like this:
For the red and orange layers, trim down the pattern and trace onto the foam.  Cut these layers with deeper feathers.  If you are using a bowl for a pattern, try cutting the foam with edging scissors.

These are all the parts of the turkey.  Cut the head, body and wings from the scraps of the brown foam.  Cut the wattle from a scrap of red and the beak from the scrap of yellow.  Cut notches in the tan for the sign and write your message on it with a permanent marker.  Bend the chenille stems back and forth for the feet, then bend it up.  Then, you are ready to stack the layers and glue it together.  Glue the legs between the feathers and the body.

You can bend the legs up into a sitting position, or with longer legs (use a whole stem for each leg), you can bend the legs at the knees.  Glue a craft stick onto the back and it makes a cute puppet or you can put it into the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table!

Hope you have fun making these!  
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Burlap Turkey Decoration

Hi Everyone!

It's time to talk turkey!  So, here's a cute little turkey that you can use to decorate your Thanksgiving table. 

Here's the link for the instructions on the Smoothfoam blog.  (The foam balls were provided by Smoothfoam, where I am a member of the Creativity Team.)

Burlap Turkey Decoration for Smoothfoam
Get the whole family involved making these, because they are easy enough for all to create.  Personalize him with name tags and put one at each place setting.  Or, give him a little sign that reminds all to give thanks. 

And, don't be afraid to add your own creative touches and substitutions!  Use felt for the wings and feet, chenille stems for the legs or make this little turkey into a bigger version with larger Smoothfoam balls.  That's what crafting is all about!

Happy Crafting!
And, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Thank You Card

Hi Crafters!

It's the first Monday of the month and time for the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop.  We're a group of designers that designs crafts with a different theme every month.  This month we're designing thank you cards and gifts.  So hop along and see what everyone has made!  Just hop forward or back by clicking on the Big Blue Button on my sidebar.

I have designed a card for you.  I wanted something quick and easy (always!).  And, from a previous design assignment, I received iron-on letters from JOY® S. A. Inc.

Here are the ones I used.  They are about 5/8" high.
Iron-on letters from JOY S. A. Inc.

I thought I'd try them on paper although they are meant to be ironed onto fabric.  I'm an experimental crafter! worked!  Yay!

I arranged the letters on a piece of cardstock and followed the directions on the packaging to iron them onto the paper.  I tore the edges and inked them with a stamp pad.  Then, I tore a fall piece of scrapbook paper for an accent and glued them both pre-made card.  It needed some embellishment, which I added with some fall buttons and twine.

Thank you Card

Very quick, very easy!  It made a nice card with the dimensional iron-on letters but it would also make a cute place card for your Thanksgiving table!  And, if you want to do it with the kids, simply use some glue instead of ironing them to the paper or have an adult do the ironing!
Happy Crafting!
And, thanks, for stopping by!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Grape Garland

Happy November!  

It's the month of thankfulness and we have much for which to be thankful!  I'm thankful for a wonderful grape harvest this year and here is a craft to celebrate the harvest.
Grape Garland for Smoothfoam

You can hang this Grape Garland on your door or arrange it on a table runner with other fruits of the harvest.  Or, arrange the bunches of grapes around a grapevine wreath with a burlap bow.  These would make great decorations for any harvest dinner or wine tasting!

I designed this garland for the Smoothfoam blog where I am on a wonderfully creative team of designers.   Smoothfoam is a great product and such a great base for all your creative projects, whether it is painting, decoupage, wrapping with paper or fabric, or carving.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Poppet Puppets

Hi Crafters!
This week I'm working with Totem Poppets that I received from Eye Connect Crafts.  These animal totems are so versatile.  You can use them in mixed media, cards or scrapbooking.  Here I'm using them in one more way - as puppets.

This is the Totem Rabbit and the Totem Turtle.  At the links, you can read about the totem animal and see what they look like unpainted.

Here are my Poppet Puppets.  They are painted with acrylics and detail is added with pens.  Then, I glued thin wood sticks to the back.  What fun it would be to create a whole menagerie of these and make a puppet theater for them!  Create them to tell and act out your favorite story.

Poppet Puppets

I'll be working with Eye Connect Crafts at the Craft and Hobby Show.  If you are in the craft industry, stop by and see all the amazing Totem Poppets and Lace-Ups that creator and owner, Erin Sparler, has designed!  We'll be in Booth #1902!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fringe Earrings with Hebe Cord

Hi Crafters!

Today some of us on the Designer Crafts Connection are working with a new product that we received from Sullivans USA called Hebe Cord.  This new cord comes in 31 beautiful colors and can be used for knitting, crocheting, knotting and tatting.

I received two shades of purple.  Here is one of the projects that I created.  It's a simple project that anyone can make.  You'll love wearing these fun and trendy Fringe Earrings.

Fringe Earrings with Hebe Cord

To make these earrings, you'll need:

Hebe Cord, medium purple
Bullet style bead caps
22-gauge wire to match
Earring wires to match
66 2/0 E beads (I used Beader's Paradise 2/0 Czech Glass E-Beads in Lavender Mix)

Cut 32 nine-inch pieces of cord.  Fold 16 in half and slide 6" length of wire through the fold. Fold wire and wrap one around the other. Trim wrapping wire and slip on bead cap.  Add one bead and make a wrapped loop.  Open earring wire and connect to wrapped loop.  Repeat for the other earring.

Slide a bead on each strand and knot beneath the bead.  Add a small dot of glue to hold knot. These earrings are about 4-1/2 inches long.  

And, here's another project that I created with Hebe Cord.  (I couldn't stop creating with this cord!)  This bracelet is done with a French Knitter and I'll provide the details on my next post.  So, here's a sneak peek!
Hebe Cord French Knit Bracelet
  I hope you'll take a few minutes to see all the other projects designed with this cord.  There are projects in crochet, knitting, macrame and more!  Just click on the big blue Designer Crafts Connection button in my sidebar.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sea Life Mobile

Hi All!

Today I want to show you another craft that I have designed using the Totem Poppets from Eye Connect Crafts.  I am having fun trying different ideas with these.  Today, I'm working with Starfish and Crab Poppets.

Here's the packaged Poppets:
Totem Poppets
These are made from recycled chipboard and are easily removed from the square of chipboard from which they are laser cut.  They were designed to be put together with 1/16" eyelets, but they can also be put together with brads, small screws or fibers.  Each Poppet comes with a statement on its totem representation, which you can incorporate into your artwork if you wish.  

For my version of these Poppets, I popped them out and painted them with acrylic paint.  I painted them with a main color, then dry brushed and dabbed other colors on top.  For the crab, I added bead eyes.  To hold them together, I used hemp twine.  I think it adds a nice natural feel.  It's very easy to work with also.

Here's the crab:
Crab Poppet
And, here's the starfish:
I arranged the poppets on a mobile constructed of driftwood, a piece of net and some shells that I had in my stash.
Ocean Life Mobile by Terry Ricioli
If you want to start playing with Poppets, head over to the website:  Eye Connect Crafts 
While you're there, check out the blog and see what Erin Sparler, the owner and creator or Eye Connect Crafts is up to with her amazing Poppets and with the other chipboard line, Lace-Ups.

Come back soon for more fun with Totem Poppets and Lace-ups!
Happy Crafting!